James Walker is a Canadian at the age of 18 years who rapidly became a big name throughout the entire world. Just like many success stories, James Walker didn’t finish his high school because he had the irresistible desire to fulfill his own dreams and ambitions. At the age of 15, he already found a way to make this work. He developed a couple of apps that were so successful that life in New York was waiting for him.

This was when James Walker decided to develop a new project called Monkey. This lead to sponsors that ultimately raised him 2 million dollars and 3 million downloads. We all know Facebook, but Monkey was nonetheless a very successful social media platform.

His biggest and most important sponsor is known as HOLLA. They were one of the few who believed most of all in the potential of James Walker. We could conclude that apps like Chat roulette or Facebook are better, but you should take into account that these apps are created by entire teams of adults, while James Walker was a high school student who created these successful apps in his own spare time. Another great upside is that James Walker is familiar with modern youth and their desires. With his social media platform Monkey, James Walker was able to meet the social desires of modern young people and the ways they connect with each other. James Walker also understands how quickly young people want to achieve want they want to achieve using an app. The greatest upside about young developers is, after all, not just their creativity and intellectual skills. It’s also that at the same time, they have a feeling for how young people at this very moment feel about their surroundings and what they want from society and the technological opportunities that it offers.

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